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Reiko (RAY-ko)
Gratitude, reverence, honor. "Rei" is part of the Bushido, or way of the warrior.
The Bushido was the Samurai code of honor, and "Rei" is translated to "respect".

The Reiko Lab: Video Storytelling for Change Makers.

The Reiko Lab produces punch-packing video content that transforms viewers into loyal communities and ideas into results. We bring your unique story to life with high-quality, high-energy, and high-positivity television, digital, and commercial video content. If you are changing the world, we want to tell your story.
Join us in the Lab. 

    Jenna Zimmerman, Executive Producer

    Jenna Zimmerman is an Emmy- and James Beard Award-nominated writer, producer, and director. Over the past 10 years, Jenna has produced some of Food Network’s most popular shows, including Guy’s Big Bite, Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, and Tyler’s Ultimate. Across her career, Jenna has worked closely with clients including Unilever, Miller Lite, and Kimberly-Clark. A passionate food geek, Jenna recently moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to grow The Reiko Lab,
    a production company focused on championing the unsung heroes of the food world. Prior to The Reiko Lab, Jenna was a principal producer at Pre-Sliced Productions in New York, which she joined after 6 years at Food Network and Cooking Channel. Jenna is an 8-time (and counting) James Beard Foundation Awards judge.